A Currier and Ives Christmas, poem by Roger Turner at Spillwords.com
Currier & Ives (Central Park in Winter)

A Currier and Ives Christmas

A Currier and Ives Christmas

written by: Roger Turner



Don’t you wish that Christmas
Was a Currier and Ives scene
Where the snow was falling softly
In the woods of evergreen

Where horses pulled the sleighs
Through the village and the fields
Where the children played at snowballs
With just scarves to act as shields

A time of innocence gone by
Where Christmas was serene
Where the world was fairly limited
And not shown on a screen

A time where people had some class
And Christmas was a day
For families to just spend some time
Not compare how much they paid

A painting showing everyone
Out skating on the lake
While carol singers sang their songs
To see the joy that they could make

I would love to have a Christmas
Like an old time Christmas card
But today, it would be difficult
It could be done, but would be hard

A Child’s Christmas in Wales we’d read
And we’d follow it with more
We’d sing songs to our hearts delight
And we’d open up the door

for Christmas is for sharing
Not for self fulfilling greed
A Currier and Ives type Christmas
Might be just the thing we need

This year, I’ll watch no movies
About Christmas elves and such
I’ll make each treat we eat at home
And by the fire, stand a crutch

I’ll volunteer and feed the poor
And I’ll go to church to pray
For the world to be a better place
And not just on one day

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