A Magical Gift Called Love, poetry written by Aida at Spillwords.com

A Magical Gift Called Love

A Magical Gift Called Love

written by: Aida


Wishing you a magical and blissful
holiday my love. May this Christmas season, brings you nothing but fond memories of our love and friendship.
Let us forget the past grievances and
iron our crippled life with forgiveness,
to start anew.

I dedicated this to our life together and wishing to see you grow old with me.
Wishing your holiday season be filled
with my love, for the rest of your life,
the greatest gift I can give.

You’re my special someone, whom I can share my life, till the end of time. If I could tell Santa what to give you, It would be my endless love, not only just this Christmas, but for eternity.

Hoping this will stay forever more than
a season but my deepest desires of staying forever in love with you.
More than you can imagine, of how
long we could stay happy together.

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