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A Sonnet Of Coffee

A Sonnet of Coffee

written by: Matt Dunn



The sun does not just shoot up to the sky,
But wakes us slowly as it rises up.
And so it is, my friend, with you and I:
You bring more joy with each sip from the cup.

It starts before you even pass my lips.
Your perfume fills the air up as you brew.
An aromatic Siren’s Song that drips,
And lures me ‘cross the room again to you.

It’s true, at first you’re bitter (that’s the norm),
But just a touch of sugar, and you’re nice.
The perfect liquid way to keep me warm,
And even in the summer, over ice.

I do not think that I, by any means,
Could halt this love affair with magic beans.

Matt Dunn

Matt Dunn

In real life, I work in Marketing. When not at work, I am a part time musician, and I perform with an improvisational comedy troupe.
The poetry here comes from those few moments left when I can sit in silence and reflect.
Matt Dunn

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