A Treeless Life, a poem written by Anne G at Spillwords.com
Sebastian Engler

A Treeless Life

A Treeless Life

written by: Anne G



A treeless life
is not for me
for I draw strength
from root to leaf

Fur and feathers
live bereft
lost without
their sustenance

Colorless fall
sans dappled leaves
no refuge found
for breathless lives

On sturdy trunks
of noble trees
hearts of lovers
cease to be
for all eternity

I shudder at the mere idea
of nature’s seasons without trees

Winter’s magic
failed delight
branches bare of
sparkling snow

Spring arrives
without a sound
nor bird nor squirrel
to be seen

Summer sizzles
without reprieve
no shady arbor
lends relief

Autumn comes
and autumn leaves
nary a sign
upon the ground

Majestic beauty
heaven’s crown
sanctum of

Darkened skies
bring yearning sighs
of dancing leaves
and glorious trees

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