A War To End All Wars, poetry by David Gray-Hammond at Spillwords.com

A War To End All Wars

A War to End All Wars

written by: David Gray-Hammond



I see fire,
Raining down on the world,
Is this the future that we were sold?

Dystopian nightmares,
And chauvinist dictators,
Is this nature pulling the breakers?

I see man killing man,
So they can own a spot,
Of the loneliest seat on the loneliest dot.

And all the while,
The universe uncaring,
Ignores the flags and the uniforms we are wearing.

David Gray-Hammond

David Gray-Hammond

David Gray-Hammond is an autistic addict, sober and in recovery, living in Brighton, UK. He is a presenter and educator for Aucademy. David also presents the podcast "Especially interesting" from Aucademy, which can be found on Spotify. He writes and speaks extensively on the topic of autism, addiction, and mental health, and is working on a poetry collection to capture his life as an autistic addict. He has spoken at a number of conferences and runs the Facebook page Emergent Divergence. His writing can be found on his WordPress site - Emergent Divergence.
David Gray-Hammond

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