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written by: Vickie Mryczko



Sleeping on cold, plastic air
A Queens
comfort and despair

Cushioned concrete
beneath my head
Or in a box
thinking I’m dead

My closest allies are in my dreams
Protecting me now
under gentle moon beams

How did I come to this place
Unrecognizable defeat upon my face

Make pretend all is well
My situation
no person I will tell

Awaiting my time to finally arrive
Fake laughter and smiles
all given in stride

Lack surrounds my very being
Praying for miracles
upon my seeing

Comforting darkness crawls on me
Oh, dear God
make this not be

I still search for a loving light
But so tired now
relinquishing the fight

Wake me from this darkened hole
Pinch my flesh
and please awaken my soul…

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