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written by: Gabrielle Tetreault


Where do you go beautiful child
When the anger around you
Is too strong for you to bear?
Where do you hide
When the noise shakes the ground
On which you stand?
Are you afraid that if you stay
You will be swallowed alive
By the rumbling and the thunder
Of your own unexpressed anger?
Is the violence better
Than feeling the sorrow deep within?
To connect with another
Longing deeeeeep within
Hold my hand, be still my Heart
I will love your wounds so deeeeeply
They will fade and be forgotten.
And you my love
Will take your first BREATH....

Gabrielle Tetreault

Gabrielle Tetreault

Editors Choice Award presented to Gabrielle Tetreault October 2007 & 2006 for Outstanding Achievement in Poetry presented by poetry.com and the International Library of Poety Howard Ely (Managing Editor)
Nominated Poet of the year, International Society of Poets — in Anaheim, California.
Gabrielle Tetreault

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