Beguiling Remnant, a poem written by Rando Mithlo at
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Beguiling Remnant

Beguiling Remnant

written by: Rando Mithlo


I’m one who would fill in a vignette

When taken in by a curious form

Hollowed by night’s late desolate dark

Witness to luster seductively bright

Lure has breached a gate of restraint

Willed to far traces to what intent

No hand had reached nor face had flashed

Yet mark the way to retrace this path

Not for day those light particles scatter

The darkest of structures fill this dead-end

Why from ruins must shimmer enthrall

With nothing of defense, I’m welcomed in

Some beauty peeks from threadbare drapes

I cast jagged shade on its oaken door

I’ll enter despite an icing within

Black pierced not by the cool flood of moon

I wear this room’s echo and dusty coat

Forced to feel walls vibrant in regret

Sensing a gaze on me so intent

I expect contact most desperate


My blood enhanced a presence to thrive

As if spliced inside I let it thieve

Its return is sap thick dread filling

An ending felled like a tree unheard


So this is how I come to see you

This beguiling remnant resides

To siphon a will and lead it nowhere

Of what feeds fear, evokes desire


Coming closer to cold withering

The roof dissolves to a starlit sky

Another pursuit pushed alarming

From anodyne rest, forever pried

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