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Blank Page, Come Alive!

Blank page, come alive!

written by: Donna Africa



Blank page, come alive!

I stare at you

your blank page

glares back at me

as if to confront,

test, tease & taunt me

I accept your challenge

to come alive

as you spur me on

to create and animate

the living word to live on!


My thoughts race ahead

as my hand lags behind

to express in words

that play in my mind

my very thoughts

of this moment

not to be left behind

but to freeze and capture in time

and forever immortalise!


Blank page do you inspire

thrill and excite?

Or as I fear, exhaust me

to fade and die

through the ravages

and passages of time

these are my words

and poetic design

that I leave behind

to create the living word

that may stay alive

and not to recreate

a Frankenstein!


I leave my words with you

which are all my own

and worth more than gold alone

a lasting message

to remain & linger

on your blank page forever

as a reminder and your muse

to the new generation & youth

to inspire your creativity

and to make good use

of the written and living word

that lives on eternally

encapsulated on this page

to be read, shared, learnt anew

fully appreciated and understood

for the good of all and

not just the privileged few!

Blank Page, no more!


© Donna Africa

I Dedicate this poem I penned to the new generation, in the hope that I inspire the youth, to be creative & to write!

With Luv, Light and Liberty
Donna Africa

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