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written by: TM DiSarrro



There is no good Glenda who's sending you home
With a voice like a song and a mouth like a phone
No magical munchkins to show you the road
Who you should follow or where you should go
No infinite wisdom that I can impart
To get in your head or cut to your heart
A ball full of images somewhat askew
You tell me you're welcome when thank you will do
You're tapping your heals and carrying photos
Burning up broomsticks and playing with totos
Squandered your gold and your rainbows are ruined
Can't find your way if they don't play the tune
So play on tomorrow and play on today
Sing when we can't find the right words to say
We skip and we hop when it's easier to walk
Stammer and blush when it's easier to talk
We polish the tin and fluff up the fur
Look to the skies and can't say "who's surr?"
Music in madness and every note soars
Color in focus and shiny green doors
Buckets of water to melt away dreams
What a cruel world and wicked witch screams
All hail Dorothy as they hand you your prize
Rewarded for murder as innocence dies
A chain of events that's a warp on your mind
Men behind curtains slowing down time
Twisters and monkeys and lions on thrones
Courage and heartbeats and no place like home


From the collection: THOMAS CADENCE

TM DiSarro

TM DiSarro

I do not consider myself a writer but I love to write. Neither a poet but I love poetry. I steal bits and pieces of time to scratch out ideas on note books, laptops and cell phones. I live and work in Florida fabricating custom canvas and other fabric products and sometimes costumes.
TM DiSarro

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