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written by: Hirak


it’s a mad mad world
and I’m wide awake at 6 am
I need to get into
the grind
and bring cash
on my way back home
at 6 pm
but all I want
to do
is write poetry
under the winter sun

bringing cash
has been the single biggest
of my life.
wish I could fall
in love
with the printed bills
wish I could kiss them
and hug them
and hoard them
in safes
but all I do
is toss them away
like a handful of fireflies
in the dark.
you got to see
how they circle and dance
and light up
a new moon night
and how they make you
laugh like a mad shaman
waiting to cast
a spell.
fireflies do that.
all cash does
is get you drunk
and make you look
in front of a woman.

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