Cosmetics Lady From Hell, flash fiction by Stephanie Musarra at

Cosmetics Lady From Hell

Cosmetics Lady From Hell

written by: Stephanie Musarra



“What did this building use to be?” Terri asked herself, as she looked up at the red-brick building with barred windows. “A factory, a prison?”
She climbed halfway up the crumbling metal stairs, and hesitated. “Who worked in this building? Who lived in the abandoned apartment building with the busted windows, and crumbling floors? Was is a crack house?”
Terri sat on the park bench, and screamed as she saw a woman without a face.
She ran into the nearby café. “I need to get out of this heat.”
She ordered a milk shake, and sat next to the window. She turned around, and saw several faceless women staring back at her.
She bolted out the door. “I must be losing my mind!”
“What’s wrong?” Glenn asked, as he rubbed Terri’s shoulders. “You’re not paying attention to the movie, and you barely touched your popcorn.”
“Oh, I’m just tired.”
They were interrupted by a loud rap at the door.
“I’m with Bimbo’s Beauty Products,” said a decrepit old lady, with too much make-up, that was leaning against her walker. “Would you like to buy some facial powder?”
“That poor thing,” Terri said, as she grabbed money out of her wallet, “She can barely walk. I’ll take 5!”
The next morning, she applied the powder. A few minutes later, her face fell off.

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