Cristina's Sunday Tune & Tale:- 'Lost on You' by LP written by Cristina Munoz at

Cristina’s Sunday Tune & Tale – ‘Lost on You’ by LP

Cristina’s Sunday Tune & Tale

‘Lost on You’ by LP

written by: Cristina Munoz



I’m having a passionate love affair with music. It’s gone on for decades. It’s not a secret, everyone in my life knows about it including my muse who isn’t jealous as a happy fun Cristina means a happy fun familia.

Hence a song isn’t just a song to me, oh no.

Songs are like living breathing people. They are my friends, my kindred spirits. The ones I fall hard for are like lovers who I adore spending lots of time with, thinking about, and telling anyone who will listen how much they mean to me to.

This is because songs unlike humans will never hurt you. They can’t break your heart or damage your soul. They don’t let you down, don’t disappoint and can’t judge, use or abuse you. Instead they’re loyal, they won’t betray you, they will be there for you whenever you need them, helping to comfort you, ride with you through difficult dark times and can make you feel less lonely when it counts.

Songs are powerful like poetry, short stories and books. They can sooth your rage, include the power to heal, help you to understand, accept yourself, and are able to connect you to overwhelming love, beauty and joy. They’re by your side celebrating your milestones and achievements, do inspire creation and art, and one vital day could even save your life.

Songs are important, they matter and the ones which move me the most are poetry put to music, and sung.

So once a month, on a Sunday I will be sharing a ‘Tune & Tale’ with you.

Hopefully introducing you to a song and artist who will become part of the soundtrack of your life as they have in mine. I will share a slightly intimate tale right along with it, including what the song means to me personally which will hopefully get you thinking about your own life.

If you’re anything like me when you like a song you want to know more about it, so I will be sharing a few facts about the song and artist or band who gave birth to their special musical child. This way you will be left with a solid strong understanding of both the song and the artist so you can listen to more of their work if you want to.

I will be upfront with you. You won’t be receiving any mainstream stuff from me.

In fact, I reverently promise you ‘Cristina’s Sunday Tune & Tale’ will be a superficial crapola free zone as Morrissey in ‘Panic’ said it best:

Burn down the disco
Hang the blessed DJ
Because the music that they constantly play
It says nothing to me about my life
Hang the blessed DJ

I remember when I first heard ‘Panic’ when I was a teenager. It was a revelation. I hated what was on commercial radio so much I’d sing “Hang the DJ, Hang the DJ, Hang the DJ” in the shower, and in the car on the way to and from school whenever my mother insisted on turning the dial to yet another blessed commercial radio station.

Words and music is how I roll so meaningful lyrics are everything to me. We are here together thanks to Spillwords so the words in songs will always be just as important as the music if not more so.

Now don’t misunderstand me as I do listen to a number of talented mainstream artists. For example like the rest of the planet I love Adele, own all her albums, only I think mainstream artists get enough attention plus everyone has heard their music.

My intent is to write about the timeless, brilliant, touched by angels tunes by alternative independent artists, past and present, from all over the world you may not have heard of properly before. Tunes with meaningful poetic lyrics which do say something to you about your life, and/or about the gorgeous, weird and sometimes torturous life we all live.

So let’s begin by joining me in raising a glass or two for ‘Lost on You’ by LP.

LP stands for Laura Pergolizzi, which is her real birth name.

I can’t help wondering if she feels relieved the first initial of her given names put together do sound so good, as I gotta say LP as a name rocks.

To give you a little background on LP, she is an American pop/rock singer-songwriter, originally from Long Island, New York, currently living in Los Angeles. She’s released a number of albums so far like ‘Forever For Now’ back in 2014 with ‘Lost on You’ being from her 2016 ‘Death Valley’ album.

LP has been around for a number of years only I didn’t know she existed until January 2017 when a friend on Facebook sent me the link to watch the official video for ‘Lost on You’ on YouTube.

Here comes the slightly intimate tale as I heard LP for the first time on a weekday, during the summer school holidays while my two daughters were home with me for the day.

To give you some back story on me, along with being a poet/writer I run a Facebook fan page dedicated to featuring the women in alternative pop and rock @soundofwomen which was what I was working on when the link to ‘Lost on You’ arrived.

It was late at night as my friend lives on the other side of the world in New York. I know her taste in music rarely disappoints so I held off on listening to it until the next morning when I knew I would be fresh and able to give it the attention it deserves.

I encourage you to do the same whenever you’re about to listen to a song for the first time. Believe me doing so makes all the difference in the world.

Anyway, back to my tale.

There I was drinking a strong strong coffee, doing my thing, thinking about which new song I should post for the morning and wondering when I would be blown away by a song for the first time in 2017 when like fate ‘Lost on You’ was patiently waiting for me.

My youngest Lara, who is seven years old, has been spending most mornings during her holidays listening to music with me. It’s kind of our thing. I get a kick out of introducing her to songs and artists she will never hear on the radio and then we have a chat about it.

I swear she’s probably the only seven year old in Woodend ( located in Victoria, Australia ) who would know who LP is at all. She’s also a big fan of Nick Cave, bless her baby goth heart.

The first thing Lara said after I played ‘Lost on You’ on Spotify for her was this, “LP has an easy name to spell unlike like Taylor Swift, though I can spell Taylor as I have a friend at school called Taylor.”

I agreed and then explained LP is not her real name, it’s actually Laura Pergolizzi, so she replied, “That would be really hard to spell and say. I like LP better.”

After we listened to a few other LP songs I got onto YouTube and we watched her wonderful child friendly video for another great track about being your authentic self which sounds like a joyous anthem for young and old misfits like Lara and I called ‘Strange’.

I’m convinced since Lara loves Nick Cave, can be a little morbid at times and she adores spiders as much as unicorns, she will grow up to be Gothic just like her Mita in her late teens so I feel it’s my duty as an Ex-GothPunk parent (once a goth always a goth really) to have her feel wonderful about being a little different.

While watching the video together for ‘Strange’ Lara came out with great delight, quite loudly I must say, as I have extremely sensitive ears, “LP has hair like Scampy!”

Scampy is a British YouTube sensation loved by children all over the world for his entertaining ‘How to play Minecraft videos’. Lara is a huge fan of Scampy and now with LP’s fun crazy wild Scampy hair I think she’s on her way to becoming a fan of LP too.

I knew myself as I hit play for the first time to watch ‘Lost on You’ and saw her fun wild crazy hair I was in for something special. It doesn’t take long to become a fan either as after listening to LP sing these energetic opening lyrics which literally bounce…

When you get older, plainer, saner
Will you remember all the danger we came from
Burning like embers, falling, tender
Longing for the days of no surrender years ago
and will you know

…I could feel the wire deep in my brain which I imagine looks a lot like a guitar string go, ‘PING, PING, PING.’ which is how I know I’m listening to an extraordinary talent, someone I will be listening to regularly for life.

Though with LP the feeling went deeper, listening sent one of those special Nick Cave ‘Shivers’ down my spine, and as I kept replaying ‘Lost on You’ her vocals made me feel the same way I did when I was seventeen and heard Sinead O’Connor sing for the first time.

One thing you need to know about me is I’m obsessed with Sinead O’Connor’s music. So much so if you get me drunk it’s only a matter of time before I start waxing lyrical about Sinead O’Connor.  My friends think it’s hysterical. Her name no doubt will turn up a lot in these articles as she’s like the spine of my musical collection.

Back to the tale.

I’ve believed for decades Sinead O’Connor’s voice has been given to her by a real life, like from actual heaven angel, it was listening to her sing in the first place which got me believing in divinity again, same goes now whenever I hear LP sing.

Can you feel the shivers?

Good Lord imagine a duet!

These two musical souls do have more in common, both are androgynous women and yes okay being androgynous and also gay myself my GayDar did go nuts when I first saw LP, however LP being a ‘sister’ as we gay folks say is simply a delightful coincidence.

‘Lost on You’ along with the rest of her music which focuses on love a lot possesses universal appeal as love is love.

Plus LP’s vocals are an experience. Her music defies gender, defies labels of any kind, including any comparison. She belongs to the unique magical realms of rare original artists, because when you hear LP sing once, just like with Sinead O’Connor you will forever recognise this heavenly gift of a voice as being hers and hers only.

In ‘Lost on You’ her voice longs, it yearns, it grieves, it soars and has a life of its own.

My imagination spins and does somersaults while listening to LP sing in ‘Lost on You’.

When she sings, ‘Let’s raise a glass or two’ I am totally floored.

What she does in her spectacular chorus to the ‘oh oh’ bits alone, and it’s all over for me. You might as well imagine me knocked out cold with my arms spread like fallen angel wings on the snow.

Don’t even get me started on those contagious whistles, those cool wolves howling in the background, and the exquisite bird sounds she can make.

At first I thought they were from a real bird of some species she mixed into the track, not so, as you do get to see a quick glimpse of her making the bird sounds on the video, it’s all her.

Most of all, what I can’t get over about LP is how she has made the yucalaly, hello, and the old art of whistling sound so damn edgy cool and mad joyous. The toe tapping yucalaly, those brief snarls, and musical whistling are like a unifying theme throughout most of her work. They also set her apart from any other singer-songwriting musician like loveable quirky musical personality traits.

I’m hyper sensitive so have to be extra careful of who l am around and listen to as I absorb their energy. Listening to LP the main emotion she gets me feeling is joy. She inspires my creativity, makes me want to celebrate love, life and throw a wild party while I’m at it too.

P!nk has a similar effect on me, only if I could pick two artists to go out and have lots of fun clubbing with, it would be P!nk and LP. 

So those times you need a lift in your mood also listen to the other recommended LP tracks listed below and LP will get you feeling so good again in no time.

‘Lost on You’ just like LP has stacks of swagger, edgy attitude, and deep under the ocean level depth, emotion and old soul. It’s an intelligent, sophisticated, witty song which is so multi-layered it deserves to win a Grammy, or some sort of major music award as it’s that stellar fine.

Considering LP even entered the Shazam Hall Of Fame with over 5 million plays why ‘Lost In You’ isn’t well known in the Western world like in the USA , UK or Australia for that matter yet is one of life’s little mysteries. The Europeans get her as ‘Lost on You’ has topped the charts in a number of European countries like Greece, France, Israel & Italy.

And no wonder with catchy memorable lyrics like these…

Smoke ’em if you got ’em
‘Cause it’s going down
All I ever wanted was you
I’ll never get to heaven
‘Cause I don’t know how

…or these…

Hold me like you never lost your patience
Tell me that you love me more than hate me all the time
And you’re still mine

Seriously once you watch, and listen to ‘Lost on You’ it’s impossible not to replay it, it’s like hearing a child be born, she has such a miracle of voice. The sound, her tone will take your oxygen away, stopping you in your tracks and earning your rapt attention.

After I calmed down enough to pay attention to what she is saying, thank the angels she can write, and she writes brilliantly, I discovered thanks to the wonders of google she doesn’t only write for herself, she writes songs for other artists too.

LP, as a songwriter has written for Cher Lloyd, Rihanna, Backstreet Boys, Christina Aguilera and many more well known artists.

If I have to find someone LP’s voice reminds me of, I would say I can hear a little Stevie Nicks as if LP is a distant younger cousin vocally with definitely a dash of P!nk thrown in with her vibe.

You won’t lose your patience listening to LP, quite the opposite. So watch, get held and prepare to become a fan. The fact you’ll always remember how to say and spell her name properly like Lara wisely said is a delightful bonus.

Here we go…

‘Lost on You’ video

Other Recommended Stand Out LP Tune’s –  Strange, Tokyo Sunrise, Muddy Waters, Night Like This, Other People, Into The Wild and Your Town

Recommended LP Albums & LP’s – Death Valley, Forever For Now, Into The Wild (Live At EastWest Studios)

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