Crooked Souls, poetry by JahArt Kushite at
Haley Lawrence

Crooked Souls

Crooked Souls

written by: JahArt Kushite


Then they came, dressed
as friend(s)
Saying they will stay, till
the end
They came forth, with their
stinking attitude
Sinking in seas of pride
lacking gratitude
The degree of their stench;
loud and disgusting
The tell tales of their stories;
nasty and disturbing

Here, they sat and spoke
as kind men
Sugar-coating their speeches
now and again
Coining and stamping it all in the
background with a choir of amen!
There, they went and pretend as
my kindred
Yet envy wrapped their hearts in folds
of tens and hundred(s)
And echoing in their chaotic souls are
melodies of hatred.
Alas! Such are crooked souls

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