Dancing With The DeVil, a poem by Tim Law at Spillwords.com
Hulki Okan Tabak

Dancing With The Devil

Dancing With the DeVil

written by: Tim Law


In the dead of night
Or morn’s pale light
The song begins to play

A horrible shout
The threat of a clout
You wish you could run away

Better to know
The DeVil though
So they say

They smile as you dance
And you see a chance
To live another day

Friends become few
They’re controlling you
Believing whatever they say

Meek and mild
You act like a child
Fearful every day

Your cries are unheard
Think they how absurd
For you to accuse in that way

Until the night
You flee in fright
“We should have listened,” they say

When you dance with the DeVil
You feel so alone
Until your dying day

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