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Dark Pisces

written by: Cindy Medina



Rising maelstrom of water unleashes a
rampaging flood
Its roaring menace shakes taut nerves
boils blood
Pestilence is borne along with churning
deluge fetid
Pummels fair green shores, weary hearts like
war-drums beaten
Dark Pisces sports chaotically, dread cosmic
ocean sigil
Stalwart souls retain courage despite their
hopeless vigil
The Water Bearer's cup is held against a
brighter day
In this turbulent time - behold: Dark Pisces
holding sway.

Cindy Medina

Cindy Medina

Cindy is working very hard at becoming a published author and poet. She has written five novel-length stories, is working on two others besides. Also nearly 200 Haiku poems and a handful of Western lyrical poems. Otherwise she's a lifelong amateur astronomer, weather watcher, avid reader, and (last but certainly not least) married 24 years to D.
Cindy Medina

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