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written by: Ximena Escobar



Never got to see
the tallest building,
highest wheel,
Queen waving the fortune
promised by a lucky hand.

Didn’t get to shake
the lucky hand of success,
City lights
she came from.

I’d wished for her pretty
(blue eyes like the sky
gold hair like the sun).
I’d wished for the Alice band,
the dress.

(Never occurred to me
deaf plastic
never hears explosions).
(Never occurred to me,
a sealed mouth never tastes steel).

It’s not our fault
we look to some
like undeserved happiness

Stolen happiness
(In a box
Wrapped in ribbons).

You still look pretty
in the debris.
In the cover of every newspaper,
it’s bearable to look at you.

Funny, (never ever)
I never wanted to grow up.
Never occurred to me,
I’d give anything.
My lucky hand too.

(In a box, under a tree,
We listen to the eternal minute of silence).

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