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Finding Your Spirit Animal

Finding Your Spirit Animal

written by: Anushka Maheshwary



A weird yet not so surprising thing happened today; I just realised that I sleep like a panda and oh boy did I feel good about the fact that I was the same species as Po. You know Po, right? If you don’t then you’re a basket case and don’t bother reading any further because this article is a declaration of love for the ‘Kung Fu Panda’ (and how I am one of its kind). Not stating the obvious (Po is adorable & Kung Fu Panda is the best) and moving onto the yet to be discovered land of unknown facts, did you know that a panda can fall asleep anywhere? If no then you’re probably as shocked to discover that you as well are a part of this breed of versatile sleepers. I know I said that this was a tribute to the Kung Fu Panda and asked you not to read if you did not know about this lovely creation but sorry I am running out of time here because although I said I was a panda and all, I still have trouble sleeping on the couch. So I’ll go find a comfy corner in my house to sleep and you, dear reader, may hit the Internet and find your spirit animal.

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