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For T.S. Eliot

For T.S. Eliot

written by: Thomas Park



Born in the same city
Saint Louis, far from England

Trained similarly
Though not as extensively

You were a poet in my curriculum
“The Wasteland”, the song of “Prufrock”

As my wife and I walked by
The bronze bust
of T.S. Eliot
In front
Of the bookstore

A sweet sadness swelled
The poet, born with double hernia
Awkward, big-eared, sensitive
Viv left him for the philosopher
Who had bolder gaze
And broader appeal

A poem, then, for what should have been
For the world’s most studied poet
If not most admired

These lines might not be admired
Why not then live a life, enjoyed
Love, happiness, intimacy

The drowned sailer
Cannot be revived
Whispers only survive

Acknowledge the reef where the waves pulled him in
Walk by, head on
Acknowledge, never be

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