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It Was Ingratitude

It Was Ingratitude

written by: Maria Dulce Leitão Reis


Today I decided to venture
Through the inhospitable ways of ingratitude
Right at the beginning
I realized the enormous difficulties
But still, I continued.
Hope, never dies
We always think things change.
Do they change?
With me, they haven’t change
And I insisted and I was stupid!

They were long years
Loving, respecting, cooking, washing
A true handywoman
I went a woman
I was a slave
What did I receive in return?
Nothing that was worth
I only craved a little bit of affection
After all, I was content with so little
But his soul was small!

I’ll just mention
What is most evident in my memory
Disappointment, humiliation, lie
Ingratitude, betrayal
Definitely, I’m not going to live the same scene
I am big in my soul, though small in my body
I changed my way …
Let’s see if, in this one, the wind runs nice
I want someone who loves me with passion
Give me affection and tenderness
Don’t get mad with me
And don’t call me stupid.
I want someone who does not insist
In what I am not
I want someone who gives me the value
Value for what I am
For what I give
Value for what I eventually deserve
Someone who loves me with lots of love!

I no longer suffer from the old pains
I swallowed rudeness I forgot the kicks
As if I had no soul and heart
No matter how much I did
It was never worth anything
I always ran into ingratitude
I never expected a reward
For doing good to others
The ingrate always thinks
That he owes nothing to anyone
He is a sad one
He is a sad one
Who goes about wandering through life
Burping holiness
I will continue to do good
I am shielded from evil
Ingratitude is the daughter of pride.
As a good daughter, she obeys her father
And the father never allows his daughter
Be humble and thankful for everything
Now I want some honey in a bed of rye bread.
I only go where I want
And it’s me who pull my horse
But I accept your help.
I always want to follow you!

For you who are unthankful and unhappy
I ask God to bless you
Today and always.

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