Free Spirits, poetry by Satabdi Saha at
Noel Nichols

Free Spirits

Free Spirits

written by: Satabdi Saha


I begin to feel the reach
of my vacation of unbodied joy,
but know I’d never want a comeback
in this huge ball of clay,
wear skins that refuse to fit,
and be stormed by incessant
sweeps of dusty agonies,
or rare fleeting springs of mirth;
ballooning up only to descend again
in body, gasping for air.

If I were to decide my state
after ashes have blown,
it would be the unfollowing
of the karmic chart,
of two unwheeling spirits,
aliens to repeated births,
a freedom of choice to exist
on and on with you
even as two abandoned stars
pushed out of celestial orbit
to die in embers of love,
leaving forever a trail of sublimity
inside the eternal cavern of no return
indistinguishable ashes of us
unseparated, mingled forever
inside the jaws of timeless black
permeating the silver speckled
deepest blue…..

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