Friends Like an Urban Myth, a poem by Mahroz at
Vadim Sadovski

Friends Like and Urban Myth

Friends Like an Urban Myth

written by: Mahroz


Once upon an afternoon drab, I trolled for a long-lost chirpy December
Ah! A vague picture of mellow visitors, not too vague to remember

A hollow, barren field of a hamlet, where happiness was meant to be sold
They came from the depths of good and ill, to submerge the autumn in tint of gold

Turning my back upon the past, I have visions of joy departing from my soul
What could be there, so purely bright, trembling in tremor as I troll

My passions for fugitive spring as all I love, I love alone
The mystery of disappearance pains me still as all I weep, I weep alone

I wish to return to yesterday, leaving this nameless here as all I write, I write alone
I recall the rare and radiant delight, as all I laugh, I laugh alone.



My poem is a tribute to Edgar Allan Poe.

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