Gift Wrapped Kisses, poetry written by KL Merchant at
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Gift Wrapped Kisses

Gift Wrapped Kisses

written by: Kayleigh Merchant


Gift Wrapped Kisses.

Beautiful snowflakes sprinkled throughout the icy frosted air,
Bright lights flickered and lit up the town glare,
The sound of musical melodies filled the open crowds,
Stores of freshly baked treats danced in their drizzled sugar clouds,

But I…
A powder sugared shaped kiss with a recipe too secret to repeat, promises to turn your taste buds into a twirling spin of treats,
Not only am I yum to eat
But I hold a magical feeling sunken deep.

After one encounter with me..
You’ll unlock a sweet filled galaxy bringing romance to life under edible mistletoes, and Christmas trees.

A city you can eat from the skies to your feet,
My many flavors bring the joys of Christmas retreat,

The return of the warm fuzzy feelings that run deep while the beauty of I enliven the sweet – by bringing the fizzle back in my segment seethe.

I bring families together in one precious piece through a varied unwavering delight of ease,
Yearnful temptation drives their mouthwatering urge to unwrap my many layers to savor me as part of their dessert.

I’m a gift with appeal, especially for those with high octane sugar approval,
The folk save up coins to buy a dozen of me covered in silver wrap with a red ribbon surprise.

I am told I am worth a million of cherry almond pies, that’s why my maker put me up at such a reasonable price,
Myself and my twin sugar confections are all fairly measured delicious blessings, in honor tasked to deliver quality taste in one sitting.

Have a magical Christmas!

KL Merchant

KL Merchant

KL Merchant is a published poetry author, and unsigned musical performer; Bringing her stories and characters to life, she loves anything mysteriously spooky and strange. Specialising in classical gothic emo fairytale celtic mythology. She grew up reading and admiring the works of R.L Stine, William Shakespeare, Edgar Allan Poe, and Tim Burton. The Goosebumps books were the theme of her life. Her favourite stories were; 'The Blob That Ate Everyone', 'My Best Friend Is Invisible' and 'Attack of the Jack-O'-Lanterns', which later inspired her to write haunting lyrics for her story soundtrack albums. KL Merchant has published her Blood Lines; supernatural haunting futuristic poetry collection which is an anthology consisting of eight series, including a magazine edition. One of her prized poetry pieces, 'Access Denied' got chosen to feature in the Spillwords Press '13 Days of Halloween' series in 2019. Her music & poetry has aired from then on, across TFSC Radio, Indie YFM Radio, BroRadio, GrimRock Radio, RadioWhat & many more.
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