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written by: Valentyna Holloway



Our love was written of in hidden gospels
written on parchment ~ recorded for all of history.

Scholars studying them have learned this:

You held my waist between Your hands
and the earth trembled beneath our feet causing civilisations
to bring humble offerings in reverence to the way I Worship You.

You held my hand for the first time and the trees blossomed
around us, birds sang, petals floated through the air
as Your fingers entangled with mine, and a sweet perfume was left in our wake.

You lifted me up to You and kissed me and forests fell to their knees,
branches lowered and leaves rustled as our lips met
while the clouds sighed and a rainbow sprung forth.

Your hips pressed against mine,
my legs wrapped around You instinctively,
You groaned my name at the same time I cried out Yours
and the Sun burst into the sky.

And the Angels sang in approval.

Valentyna Holloway

Valentyna Holloway

Valentyna, wordsmith, poetess, bearer of scribed love. Valentyna, a self-described flâneuse and aesthete is the author of several poetry collections including Forbidden Love Songs, This Is A Love Song, Valentyne Dreams, and The Ripped Notebook Series. Published both online and in print, Valentyna currently has three media projects in the works as well as devoting time to writing poetry. Valentyna is fluent in six languages and has written poetry in French and Spanish as well as in English. A trained classical pianist, cellist, and soprano vocalist, her interests include: music, photography, art, politics, and her beloved flower garden — and her most special role, Mother.
Valentyna Holloway

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