Great Indian Bustard's Plea by Nishand Venugopal at

Great Indian Bustard’s Plea

Great Indian Bustard’s Plea

written by: Nishand Venugopal



To be or not to be,
That’s the question we pose to thee,
Lesser in number,
We are facing threats that are greater,
In the land, we are hunted as prey,
Over the sky, we got hit by the wires that sway,
It’s getting hard to find a safe place for us to lay,
Or soon we will be part of history if things go this way,
Once we walked on the grasslands of India, with head held high,
And today we cower with fear and remember those glorious days with a sigh,
We are a species who love peace and tranquility,
But surrounded by those who fought with intense enmity,
For land, revenge or honour,
But to save us, you need a vision that crosses borders,
By protecting us from being dragged to the black-hole of extinction,
It’s your generation who is getting a healthy extension,
As we control the pests that pester your food,
And help you to reduce the use of harmful chemicals which is not good,
Petitions and articles about us are creating a lot of hue and cry,
Yet in the ground, our destiny lies in the will of a few who try,
Is it too late that you have noticed our plight?
Are you ready to sacrifice some of your convenience for our fight? 

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