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Here Comes the Rain

Here Comes the Rain

written by: Don Knowles



It will rain on you
Can’t avoid this fact
But keep in mind
That Every drop
Has a million twins
And this their kin
Will rain down upon all others
No man immune
No woman denied
Rain comes down
All around beside us
No plotted path
Just gravitates south
To bless the brow it beats on
Some pray for it
Others dance to urge descent
To feed the crop
Parched land to swell
It’s beating force
Drives the earth worm out
Baptismal for its drowning
Through torrent tearing typhoon
To sheets of Summer’s squall
Each creature born today will feel
Each infant knows the thunder peel
So one day soon go meet the storm
Raise your cupped hands above you
Then drink it in
Tainted salty from skin
Refresh yourself in the knowing
Each storm will pass
And with good time
The cycle securely circles back
To you and yours and those around you

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