How Difficult It Is To Be Mary Magdalene!, by Arpan Christy at

How Difficult It Is To Be Mary Magdalene

How Difficult It Is To Be Mary Magdalene!

written by: Arpan Christy



He saves me daily,
from the hands of
pure men,
ready to kill me
by stones.

Before leaving,
He advises me,
not to repeat such deeds,
which can bring
such consequences.

This incident
keeps repeating itself daily!

But what would happen,
after He’d be crucified?
The question fears me.
But the fire of worldly lusts,
burns that fear as well.

whenever I think about it,
I find,
how difficult it is,
to be Mary Magdalene!…

Arpan Christy

Arpan Christy

Nationality: Indian
Age: 35 years old
Religion: Christian (Roman Catholic)
Education: Bachelor' s Degree in Engineering in Computer science.
Profession: Poet, writer, independent corporate film maker, independent software consultant.
Arpan Christy

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