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How Does Music Split The Atoms?

 How Does Music Split The Atoms?

written by: Sara Szarka


A spectacular journey to another world of endless dreamworlds, emotions and purportedly destroyed boundaries are upon us.

While experiencing one of the specialties of humankind we dip our tongues into familiar, queer and indescribable tastes. Upon entering our minds, the sound-waves fill out the space between the brain lobes and perform their unique and life changing process: entering our very atoms.

The heart resonates and applies the rhythm which is provided by the music, the blood barrels around in our veins while our eyes remain wide open or shut down perceiving an entirely different world.

There is a translucent power, a massive hand made of iron which either lifts us up, sticks us to the chair or pulls us down hanging on our every limb. Music is powerful, adapting, skin-changing and conformist to our every condition.

It speaks the words we are unable to form and helps the eruption of feelings and emotions that are prevented from surfacing. It is, but a genius creation of which humanity was responsible for.

To conclude the fact that by one pull of a string the soul starts to change, we are truly standing beside one of the masterworks of men.

There is not another force listed in the book of existing things that would be so flexible, elastic, colorful, in possession of all shapes and forms along with a high level of confirmation. A substance which cannot be physically touched yet bears the most vivid form of existence and manifestations. Something that is so unspeakably morphogenic, that we are almost certain of the presence of this foreign yet familiar body within ours.

Music has the ability to speak to us in a language only we ourselves understand, to provide definitions and deep understanding of things which were unclear before. We are taken to a ride in flames, stumbling across a rocky journey of rage and fury, or to enter a tender journey to the other side and float in soothing waves of sounds and pleasantry noises.

A sort of tunnel opens, allowing the flow of images, sensations, rapidly changing levels of emotions or as its contrary, – it keeps the flow of phenomenons stable and constant.

A transfusion and exchange of affections begin, while music enters our system to completely overflow us.

Many of us individuals experience music as something extremely personal, intimate and certainly an unutterably hard definition to provide for an external source.

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