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I Died Not

I Died Not

written by: Alo Ayodeji



Let there be no mournings,
I want to hear no dirges
When my body kisses the Earth.

Drop no tears on my lowered coffin
For I am not confined therein.

Were you not told
I have victory over death?
How then can I be subject to death?

Let the trumpets sound
And the drums play aloud.
Let the musicals withhold not
The performance they ought
To render at festivals in Rome,
For a soul that has gone home.

I want no condolences,
Only heartfelt congratulations
And joyous celebrations,
For I died not
I simply transcended
To the great beyond.

Alo Ayodeji

Alo Ayodeji

Alo Ayodeji is an ambitious poet who aims at being prolific. He writes from the city of Lagos in Nigeria. A student of the Federal University of Technology Akure who wishes to be found in the literary world. He writes on his fiery passion, hope, Christianity and Nature, amongst others. He is no doubt going to be your favourite writer.
Alo Ayodeji

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