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I'm Evil And My Favour Has A Price

written by: Edward Mind



Better think twice,
'cause I'm the evil and my favour has a price.
If you really want it, don't be afraid to die
The price to pay is high,
the only thing that I accept is the soul.
It does not take me as you cry
I do not care if you change your mind
a covenant is a covenant, and yours is with me,
I want you to respect it, I want what you need to give me,
Do you want power? You got it, I promise, do you want money?
You will have it, you just have to sign the covenant,
a drop of blood with nothing else,
a signature and you will have what you want,
But remember, one day I'll come and give me what you owe me,
because I'm the evil and you can not run away
so think twice before signing,
because I'm the evil and my help has a price

Edward Mind aka Horror King

Edward Mind aka Horror King

I'm an Italian writer, I love a woman on the other side of the world and she's 10 years older than me. I love Horror movie and Reggaè music.
Edward Mind aka Horror King

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