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Innocence Of The Few

Innocence Of The Few

written by: Bsidetramp



The cries of every scream within
Hidden eyes that can’t begin,
To hold in hand and share with grace
Innocence betrayed, by man and face
Lonely do the days unfold,
Within them truth does rise
behind forgotten lies once told

Troubled mind, his soul for sale
To embrace the throws of freedom
Unshackle thee of this burden he screams into night,
Loneliness surrounded by fools,
Consuming dividing controlling,
No retribution, thank you or goodbye

So remains that broken soul
existence forged in flames, set in stone
The damned without trial nor foul
While they preach, the mass does dwindle
Of centuries here upon this rock
How mighty men have led the flock
Generations with all to gain, but much to heed,
Designs of life spawned from greed

So of the world the man surveys
A dark cloud does settle to silent prayer,
Outstretched arms, welcoming the birth of newborn
Infinite beginnings with no signs of change,
A rye grin appears a glint for an eye,
The master plan it now may be
You have to ask why



This poem I wrote after a series of poems that I penned to help me through a difficult time, it is my most favourite of poems to look back on as it reignited my spirit and fight.

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