Let’s Fight Poverty, poetry written by Aida at Spillwords.com

Let’s Fight Poverty

Let’s Fight Poverty

written by: Aida


Our third world country suffered most
from hunger, homelessness and being jobless.
Poor, unsanitary dwelling place, affect their health. Let’s hold hands and work together,
for solidarity and progress.

Hand in hand we will solve this together,
let’s start with livelihood program that,
will provide employment.
Trained women on entrepreneurship on small scale business.

Provide free education, to get away from dearth.
True to the adage, teach men how to catch fish than how to eat fish.
That way, they will learn to survive.

Let’s work together to eliminate poverty
Stop being a parasite
or a beggar on the street.
Let’s put dignity and respect
back into your life.

Scarcity can’t be solved,
unless we address this disease
directly to the person afflicted.
Let’s share a helping hand to
eradicate poverty.



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