Lifting Fog written by Jacob Damstra at

Lifting Fog

Lifting Fog

written by: Jacob Damstra



Through the still and quiet of the night,
the only sound crickets by a trickling stream.
When morning comes there will be light,
but, now, darkness envelops every dream.

And the fog sits heavy on the fields –
can see not but the hand in front of my face.
In the thick, thoughts of future yield;
so focus settles on visions of passing days.

Sheets of fog and darkness blur my mind;
so, too, do the quiet and stillness hold.
Over my heart, a home these shadows find,
only lifted by love and courage of the bold.

As the rising sun casts aside the dark,
and the warmth of the day dissipates the fog,
the love we share lights up my heart
and the hope we have makes me strong.

Along the lonesome forest stream, birds chirp.
The breeze whistles over water and through leaves.
Inspiration, and these signs of life, will usurp –
any fear or doubt, like faith I hold when you’re with me.

Jacob Damstra

Jacob Damstra

Jacob is a father of three, a litigation lawyer, a coach, a volunteer, a writer, and a poet. He is the co-founder and co-contributer of a blog called Contemplations, which shares thoughts, advice, and reflections on Personal Growth & Practical Philosophy, Professional Development & Career Advice, and Parenting & Relationships, as well as a poem or poetic prose.
Jacob Damstra

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