Love Is A Curse written by Mike Washburn at

Love Is A Curse

Love Is A Curse

written by: Mike Washburn


As the sun rises to reveal the tortures of the full moon,
He notices what he has done
As he drops to his knees, the sounds of the world disappear.
The only thing able to be heard are the screams.
The screams of a man who just slaughtered his soul,

He reached down to pick her up,
Covered in the color crimson, dripping from wounds created by the inability to calm the beast Created by the word love.
Her body limp in his arms, he cradles her with her face pressed to his.
His tears wash away the blood from his cheek.

Carrying her with him he Marches aimlessly to his end.
Still with her forehead pressed to his cheek,
He stands tiptoe to the edge, as she opens her eyes,
Whispering with her last breath, “I love you,”
He takes his leap smiling as he holds her close.

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