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Lovers in Pain

Lovers in Pain

written by: Pramod Rastogi


Pastimes in life are countless
Paths to each have options aplenty.
Pleasures in life flow in slow and steady,
Yet none is like bonding in love.

Woven in a symphony of colors,
Love is a sanctuary for pious souls
Who let unleash in envious hearts
The sighs of their pangs of raw solitude.

Love has a rush and a nippy pattern
Which lives tides of diffusing emotions.
With only two to make solitude flee,
Love floods the two with a feeling of one.

Love is an intoxication that dreams
Of fairylands, meadows, and flowing springs
Where two lovers can linger all alone
To inhale the perfume of the other.

Love has no age and no bars on age.
Pastimes keep churning its daily routine.
Entangled with love is the fire of elation
That glows forever in the two hearts.

Drawers are full of the stories of love
Which have bestowed on it a myth.
A caravan of lovers has passed,
Yet the street is full of lovers in pain.

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