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Manchester, My City

written by: Steve Pearson



my city-like-no-other
she's like a friend to me
she waits with me
laughs with me
love her or not,
she may outrun you
even before
she's done with you
some will fall
dancing their end

my city has those people
who live in their shoes
arriving at her breast
nothing left to lose
people in transit
to a better life
and as if they've planned it
they learn to live with her
they learn to adore her
come what may

my city lives her own life
her nights never still
days obeying the laws of
the treadmill,
rhythm and pace
and even as we run
she ignores our race
in the sun
or ignoring the rain
her face is the same
with me she is one
for richer or poorer
through days I'm her brother
in the night she's my lover,
my city-like-no-other

Steve Pearson

Steve Pearson

JUNE 2017 AUTHOR OF THE MONTH at Spillwords.com
That's me at the front of the photo. I'm an atheist, socialist, humanist, poet and soon to be novelist. From here to there and a lot of shit in the middle. That's life.
Steve Pearson

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