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Memories on Branches

Memories on Branches

written by: Tay Summerlin



The tree is up
It’s that time of year
We have to decorate it
Because Christmas is almost here

Container after container
They’re all brought in
Within are the ornaments
Let the decorating begin

Memories on branches
My mother used to say
For they transport us to the past
Especially on Christmas Day

When I was a child
I never knew what that meant
But as I got older
I realized what they represent

I look through the containers
I see their eagerness to get out
They’ve waited so patiently
They can’t wait a minute more no doubt

There’s so many of them
Some were handmade and some were bought
Some before I was even born
But their history, I was taught

I found one of Rudolph
Without antlers I’m afraid
Hey, I was in kindergarten
When he was made

My mother’s snowman is up
Above him my art palate hovers
Of course we don’t forget my father or brother
Who are the hardcore sports lovers

I spotted some ornaments
From those who are my friends no more
They reminded me of some bittersweet times
But also, how I became better than before

A collection of ornaments
Sitting in a row
A few from our time in Alaska
Others of trips from long ago

Next we hang the ones
Of our pets who passed
As well as those who are gone
And whose memories will last

There’s still plenty more
It’s amazing to see
Each being put up
By members of our family

Here’s an ornament covered in gold
It has a Godly woman and her Son
This one showcases our faith
As well as how it all begun

One by one
We continue to decorate
There’s just one last thing
Before we officially celebrate

Finally, comes the angel
Who stands tall and profound
She resembles what we’ve lost
But also what we’ve found

A gift from my grandmother
For my parents’ first Christmas together
A reminder that she’s always with us
In rain or sunny weather

We stand around the tree
Taking in the sight
Each ornament is radiant
Carrying a precious light

Memories on branches
As my mother points out
For each piece tells a story
A memory to think about

But when it’s time to put them away
A friendly reminder whispers in my ear
You get to put everything up again
Come next year

Although part of me is sad
I know we’re not truly parting ways
For the memories they all carry
Will be in my heart always

Merry Christmas!!

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