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written by: Ximena Escobar



Those Mountains
Like time

Beautiful wound
Reminding us of who we are

Dividing me between
My life and yours
The girl
And now

If I don’t look
If I don’t see them
The ungraspable beginning
Set like beautiful clouds in the valley
The old days
They are always there

That feeling of being loved
Underneath everything
Bears my soul.

My soles
On the certainty of loving you
In my path without you
I love to love you
In the absence of my presence
I am there like those mountains

Look at the window and you will see me
As I see them now
Breathing goodbye to the motherland

I hate to leave you
Smoothness, softness
Mountain of a heart under my cheek
It pains to not do the same for you
In my distance

When you need me most

Know that I am always there
Like those mountains.

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