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New Year’s Resolution

New Year’s Resolution

written by: Robbie Masso


The words to explain my thoughts –
the paint on my hands –
the photographs in black and white –
the collages that sent me to thrift shops –
the clothes that cover my scars –

all of it is seen by my mind’s eye,
but the images are blurry.

I think I got too comfortable,
                      too pain-free,
                      too sane.

Maybe I’ll go to New York.
Maybe I’ll eat paper in a forest.
Maybe I’ll spend a night in a whore’s bed.
Maybe I’ll go to more funerals.

The answers are in a funhouse
distorted by the mirrors.

Will I search for the answers
by going through the maze
like the gods before me –

or will I place blame to protect my fears
and die in the place I was born?

Robbie Masso

Robbie Masso

Aspiring writer influenced by the likes of Charles Bukowski, Hunter S. Thompson, Ernest Hemingway, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Jim Morrison, Bob Dylan, Langston Hughes, etc.
Robbie Masso

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