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written by: Sharona Reeves


Deafened by internal chatter
why bother to talk it never mattered
Consequence included mindless aggression
panic attacks & mental regression

Lost grip gradually
Silently screaming
Seeking to escape memories relived on a daily
Begging to wake up, must have been dreaming

Freedom burdened by liberties lost
The innocence of a child taken at a cost
No free will to render
Still never to surrender while in the mighty clutches of the offender

Unable to breathe, exhausted by the struggle
The little girl within battled to be free
All this time later, engulfed by the endeavor
a beautiful little girl is now gone forever.

Sharona Reeves

Sharona Reeves

Sharona Reeves is a free verse lyrical writer who began writing poems and short stories as a child. She was born in Tampa, raised in Memphis. Sharona has explored performing arts, studied creative writing, journalism, psychology and is an aspiring novelist.
Sharona Reeves

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