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Of Men And Society

Of Men And Society

written by: Mohamed Ait Ali


In these cold places where men often gather,

They sit around a table to squeeze each other,

Sharing between them victories, yesterday’s stupidity,

In these cold places, it’s forbidden to look gloomy,

To receive acceptance, you ought to pretend to be happy,

They are in a constant battle to make each other surrender,

Forcing them to show less why they truly suffer,

They get easily disgusted from staring all at the same body,

Because everything they see, they want it to be a property,

In a thirty minutes talk, they have to do all so quickly,

Hasty to leave, to become again a stranger,

Responsibilities and commodities, perpetual danger,


You want to unfollow society? Are you that silly?

In these cold places, men cover lies with sincerity,

Having aversion from being a human also is a matter,

Man, an immortal imminent desire to take over.

Mohamed Ait Ali

Mohamed Ait Ali

I am a 26 year old cynic man, I earned some degrees in renewable energies and energy efficiency but most importantly a poet: the sole thing that is capable of grounding me and to sleep off my sorrow. I survived a suicide attempt and learnt a lot about life, that is from my point of view mostly saddening and harsh.
Mohamed Ait Ali

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