Oh Maple Leaf… Oh Lives to Leave, poetry by Tamar Gvelesiani at Spillwords.com
Julia Florczak

Oh, Maple Leaf… Oh, Lives to Leave

Oh, Maple Leaf… Oh, Lives to Leave

written by: Tamar Gvelesiani



Dedicated to our dearest lecturer, art historian, Mrs Maia Tsitsishvili


Oh, maple leaf, oh, lives to leave
And flows down the raven streams
To have a blow over the slopes,
Where the sun meets the tints of glow.

And over the flow the maples blow
With songs of hopes on colorful stones.
And wilts the spring as glows the leaf,
Oh, wilts the spring still steeped in deep,
So steeped in deep.

And swirls the leaf, still swirls to live
And fool the silly autumn wind,
To hear the sweet hopeful strings
In autumn and spring, in mountain springs,
Where the vows are still and deep,
Lippers the leaf, trembles the leaf.

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