Olaedo, a poem written by Abraham Ozioma Onyedinefu at Spillwords.com



written by: Abraham Ozioma Onyedinefu


Tonight the moon shines bright
The stars have put on their light
The drummers are ready
For this nocturnal party

The music rises to a crescendo
Aha! There goes the beautiful Olaedo
Olaedo shake your hips!
Dance! Dance! Move your hips!

Olaedo, as beautiful as the morning sun
Her teeth are as white as freshly plucked corn
Her sweat is like the smooth pebbles underneath the ngene stream
Olaedo, the one for whom my heart beats

But Olaedo does not love me
For a bag of money or a pot of fresh honey
Olaedo! Olaedo!
The music rises to a crescendo…

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