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Origin Of The Specious

Origin of the Specious

written by: Jeffrey Cyphers Wright



Don’t give me those woof woof eyes…
that Dark & Stormy look at KGB bar
where sharks offer swimming lessons.
Don’t hurt yourself trying to be
like me (although it couldn’t hurt).
Don’t put lipstick on a ghost.
Never collide with a kaleidoscope
or have a cow if you get a bum steer.
Don’t “harbor a grudge.”
The water isn’t deep enough.
Don’t give up. Keep licking night
’til it shines like sweating jet.
I dreamed a green star rose high
on our left. Don’t hold your breadth.

Jeffrey Cyphers Wright

Jeffrey Cyphers Wright

Jeffrey Cyphers Wright came to the East Village in 1976. He studied with Ted Berrigan, Alice Notley, Jim Brodey and others and went on to study with Allen Ginsberg to earn an MFA in poetry from Brooklyn College. He is the author of 13 books of poetry, the most recent being Triple Crown, Sonnets, from Spuyten Duyvil. He publishes Live Mag!
Jeffrey Cyphers Wright

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