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Perfect Peace

Perfect Peace

written by: Cristina Munoz



i’ve never trusted quite like this,
standing facing each other
for our first time,
slowly easing off my clothes
while i do the same for you
we don’t need words falling,
tuned to our symphony of two.

witnessing your androgynous eyes
darkening from blue to midnight sky
the way your breath fans my face,
inhaling you in, trembling a little, lungs filling,
i will my mind to suspend this moment,
hold it close for an eternity.

until leaning into me,
moulding your skin warm
against every inch of mine,
curling your arms around my neck,
silky fingers disappearing behind, into my hair,
the room glowing orange radiating heat.
if i could lasso this moment,
stay touching you like this
without an end.
i would. i would. i would.

knowing, when alone,
we will pause time,
feeling the perfect peace
of skin on skin, all over again

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