PURGE, poetry written by Leanne Neill at Spillwords.com



written by: Leanne Neill



I need to
spill my guts,
you no longer question
what’s inside.

I was thin ten years ago.
The kind of skinny
other women resent;
when they tell you to eat up,
cause you look so bad.
I wondered if they were genuine,
until a herd of hormones
I’d only ever read about
came to tell me I no longer had
a choice to wonder,
and curves were the new
thigh-gap I had to embrace.

It chafes and grates,
every day,
as my reflection
battles self-love versus self-loathe.
I don’t know who to begrudge,
the people vindicated
because they told me so,
or the mirror
that says it’s okay to succumb now,
to emaciated bones, I no longer own

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