written by: MZ CLARKE



It was lonely in the basement
I found an old chemistry set
opened it up
and started eating the contents of all the tiny glass containers
I felt alive again
back when I was human
I felt hungry
so I went over to a shelf
found a box of Poisonberry Crunch Cereal
a bit moldy
but I just ate a bunch of chemicals and felt energized
once you’re dead there’s nothing left to lose
so I ate the cereal out of the box
and at the bottom
a wrapped surprise
a toy?
a tiny temporary tattoo?
I would love that
a sizzling heart on my scarred shoulder
I opened it
inside was a tiny grenade
and a note
“Go to the back fields when you were six years old”
I grew up in the same house
and couldn’t remember if I was still in that basement
or another basement
but I had no real plans
except working on my project
of giving myself a series of electrical shocks
my legs didn’t work too well
so I hooked up the wires
and twisted them around
red and blue and a few white ones
stuck them into my wrists
then put my fingers in the socket
an explosion
when the dust and debris settled
my legs were humming with electricity
I jumped up
I dusted myself off
put on a nice coat and hat
and walked up the creaking stairs
to the backyard
which led to the back fields

When I looked around
blinded at first by actual sunlight
(I forgot about sunlight)
I realized the back fields of my childhood
when we told my mother little white lies
that we were weeding the garden
then ran into the golden fields
hidden by a circle of evergreen trees
where I played War with my four brothers
hiding in pits of dirt until found and captured
then tortured with knives
We also made hammocks between the hemlock trees
and pretended we were on a TV show
called the Late Late Late Late John Late Show
hosted by my oldest brother John
who had famous scientists as guests
Einstein was a guest like every night
Then one afternoon John was using his magnifying glass to burn ants
and set the whole fields on fire
that was the end of the back fields

that was all gone now

A big shiny shopping center with a huge box store buzzed
with activity
Everyone shopped there
of course it was so convenient!
I looked at the tiny grenade and note
and with my heart racing and my electrified legs giving off sparks
I walked to the store
and went in the automatically opening doors

Aisles and aisles of people and stuff to buy
I did my best to look for the exact spot I was supposed to go
according to the note and the tiny toy grenade
I stood in Aisle 7
Oh good, the cereal aisle
I could pick up some more poisonberry cereal
Suddenly I heard ticking
behind the cereal boxes
I couldn’t reach so I wanted to test my electrified knees
and jumped
I sprang up like a frog to the top shelf and climbed to the back of the
cereal boxes
there was a bag – I poked my finger gently to open it and
I saw a black box in that bag that wasn’t from this store
Tick tick tick!
Should I yell?  I opened the bag all the way
yes, a bomb with the same color wires I just used to electrify myself
red and blue wires and a box with a timer and about 14 more seconds
I grabbed the bag and screamed
“Everybody down!”
with my electric legs I leaped across the aisles and out the front door to the parking lot
the bomb exploded blowing me to pieces
but better me than all those nice people who wanted to buy stuff
Police cars and fire engines rushed toward me
I somehow was able to use some kind of magnets to gather all or most
of the pieces of me
and a gust of wind blew us back into my backyard
no one found me – I was alone again I guess
overall a good experience
but I won’t be going outside again anytime soon
it’ll take a while to put all my pieces back together



“Don’t give up on your dreams, just because you’re dead” is the anthem of Lucy, an isolated vegetarian zombie, fueled by electrical shocks, who tests her new skills as a zombie – fighting crime, seeking vengeance for family buried secrets, and even wants to learn to dance like Ginger Rogers, all the things she never did while alive.

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