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Sometimes The River Runs To Me

written by: David Barry Temple


Sometimes the river runs to me
When I am tired of peddling upstream.
There is a place by the rainbow bridge
Where my needs receptive
Can mingle with retentive,
Falling backwards into open arms,
Floating to her sea of joy
Without a hint of tomorrow’s anchorage or restitution.
Let me go see what waits for us
In every moment of our soft lit eyes,
A pool of youth reflecting our smiles,
If only for a little while.
Let me dabble in the spring bubbling up
Through the fissures of a broken world.
Haven’t I had enough of less-than-life fascination?
Enduring dedication to make it work?
What about the rest of the time
With bends and turns of my restless spirit?
Why let it be spurned when serendipity arises
Before my last gasping breath?
If I let the river reach my shore,
Wet my feet with evanescence,
Life would be sweet with infatuation once more.

David Barry Temple

David Barry Temple

David Barry Temple is a graduate of San Francisco State University’s Creative Writing Program. He performed in the 1978 Annual San Francisco Poets Festival with the troupe from Cloud House, and in New York City where his first short story, “The Rape,” was published in Riverrun Anthology ’77. His collection of short stories, Forgotten People of Taiwan, was published in 2014, Han River; Poems from Taichung, was published in 2015 and Unnatural Beauty; Poems from the Han Riverside was published in 2018.
David Barry Temple

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