Longing, poetry written by Madhumita at Spillwords.com
Karl Fredrickson



written by: Madhumita



My soul shakes itself and rises
from the depths arises
protected, wrapped in the warmth
of the moistened soil
And rises above the skies and hills to look lovingly down at the green-blue earth
It wears a shining, gem-studded crown
grows so full of love and compassion from the heart
leaves all that is futile, vain and pointless as if many
and a determined strength for a spine.

My happy soul wanders and dreams,
I love being in that state with you
And spill the colours of love all across
Over the springs, meads and bridges that you shall cross

When the sun shall shine through the clouds
I shall smile and sing aloud
And let myself soak in your delicate beauty
Then your emotions will surge and come out of their hidings beneath, lying quiet and low
Under the weight of separation, full of heartache and sorrow.

No I cannot see you unhappy, shall all happiness for you demand
Let the everyday blazing sun help your heart bear the burning
My soul shall radiate all love and hopes to you from the skies above
As your doe eyes look for me and follow the crimson evening rays, in my love, forever longing!!!!

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