Soulmate, a poem by Dr. Thirupurasundari C J at
Darius Bashar



written by: Dr. Thirupurasundari C J (Dazzle)


Your arms,
My ever-loving shelter,
Love, a growing garland,
Solaced by your warmth
Spouting romance,
Kisses are the flowers of affection,
Shy smile that flashes on me,
His unresisting chuckle that follows,
Our never-ending courtship.

Compassion in your touch,
Brings out my best,
You hold me so well,
Which tells me, all will be well,
My knight in shining armor.

Loving moments, silly emotions, awkward things shared,
Scuffles appear, annoyance thrives,
They are soon mended,
Just fuel the love,
Life is not a candy cane always,
I am imperfect,
You are too!
But still, you are mine,
Forever valentine.

Can I be so flirty?
Unaware so much romance
Resides in my heart,
Until I met you,
Never do I know,
Just your look,
I dazzle and bloom within,
Pure exhilaration,
You hold the key to my heart.

Heart racing,
How crazy for you!
Butterflies infinite jumping around in my chest,
No icebreakers needed,
To make me happy,
My eyes light up when you smile.

Love is a battlefield,
A field for romantic war,
I get lost in your eyes,
You always win!

Love is a fine wine,
Blushing, I think,
How addicted am I towards you!
Your alluring torso, is ever fine.

You stay in my lucid dreams,
Filling every moment with charm,
My mind passionately tries to freeze,
Oh! You are legit awesome.

Like besties, can walk through anything,
Melding two bodies,
Two peas in a love capsule,
Twin flames,
Our hearts together,
Relish the bond for ever.

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